Rich Truesdell, a writer for an online magazine geared toward the auto enthusiast, providces his view of the fascinating aspects of the GMC MotorHome.      

          (Note: This is the second and updated printing of the article produced by the author update with photo from the GM archives).

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  •      Telling the World about the GMC Motorhome — Click here.

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  •      The GMC MotorHome from Start to Finish —Click here.​

          Bill Bryant, GMC Historian, has assembled a great collection of CDs after many years of effort obtaining the history of the GMC MotorHome.  

          Over 500 images detail the history, development, designs, prototypes, concepts, manufacturing, pricing, sales literature, memorabilia,  collectables & more.

Chapter 1 - History of the GMC Motor Home paragraph here.

The history of the GMC is well documented, thanks to the efforts of Bill Bryant and others. Links to several articles as well as descriptions are provided in the following pages.                               

  •     Link to the GMC Heritage Center — Click here.

​         A historical view of the GMC MotorHome at the GM Heritage Center.

         The official  online resource of GM’s history written by Bill Bryant.

         Bill is a well-know  GMC history buff.

          Another great article by historian Bill Bryant; reprinted from a three-part series.

          It was n Family Motor Coaching FMCA magazine.

  •      GMC MotorHome: Remembering the Classic — Click here.​

          Todd Moning, a staff writer for Family Motor Coaching magazine.

          He provides a look at  the GMC's reputation for quality and originality.

  •      The 1973 to 1978 GMC Motorhome – Click here.

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