Internet Idiot's Guide for GMC MotorHome Information


As GMC owners, we are all interested keeping these great machines alive and on the road for many more years to come. Byron and I believe it is in every GMC owner’s best interest to be ready to promote these coaches when the opportunity arises. To that end we are providing a business card template available for download that shows the web address to the Internet Idiots Guide for GMC MotorHome Information.

The business card can be given out that shows an Internet link to  This is an easy way to introduce prospective buyers to a concise reference Guide to all types of GMC info (history, purchasing, parts and services, clubs etc.) It is small enough that you can carry a few with you in your ocket to give out when the opportunity arises. Or, if you prefer, print this information on the back of your card.


Guide Business Card

Download the card (to be used as the back side of your card) in PDF format here. Click here. The document is designed for the Avery 5371 sheet and is compatible with any sheet for five-down and two-across printing. After clicking on the link a new window will open in your browser and the file IdiotsGuidePromoBusCard.pdf) will be downloaded to your default download location. The file can be opened in application that reads the .pdf file structure.