Internet Idiot's Guide for GMC MotorHome Information


  •       Waking a Sleeping Giant — Click here.

  •        Pre-Travel Checklist and Other Documents — Click here.

  •        Tools and Spares for the Trip —  Click here.

  •        Top Safety Maintenance/Upgrades Before You Hit the Road —  Click here.

  •        GMC Dimensional Drawings — Click here.

  •        GMC, Coachman and Midas Interiors — Click here.

  •         GMC Paint Codes; 1973 thru 1977 — Click here.

  •         GMC Paint Codes; 1976 thru 1978 — Click here.

  •         Specifications (Dimensions, capacities 403 & 455 Engines) — Click here.


This chapter is loaded with links to information that cover a very broad range - from getting that old sleeping giant started, things to check before hitting the road, spare tools to take along, repair manual and wiring diagrams, paint codes, and specifications (capacities and dimensions of the 403 & 455 engine).


Chapter 3 - What's Next Now that I've Purchased a GMC?

First and Foremost:  Before diving in to making the GMC "yours", be sure to check the following sites.  Then. resist the urge to bypass the following order.  Be sure the coach is safe for living in and for driving.  Above all, be sure the gasoline and LP lines aren't leaking.  By reducing the risk of fire hazard you may be sparing yourself a of grief.  Next, be sure the coach can go straight and stop on demand.  This will involve checking the steering and suspension.  Be sure to check the date code on the tires, too.  Though they may have tread it doesn't mean they're safe for travel.  Then, get out and enjoy the coach while you fix up the rest.  A sitting coach isn't a maintained coach.