Internet Idiot's Guide for GMC MotorHome Information


This chapter lists some of the better sites that provide a great variety of information. On these web sites you’ll get help with maintaining, repairing or upgrading your GMC.

  •      Gene Fisher’s GMC Technical Information Page - Click here.

          Mr. ERF as he is known, has tons of information on how to repair and upgrade your GMC on his website.


          This is the favorite website for GMCers to store their GMC project pictures for free. 

  •      Bdub’s Place 

          FAQs assembled by Billy Massey and presented here. Billy also has a collection of information from brochures of the era.  Click here.

          A great collection of old GMC Brochures and Manuals.  Click here.


  •      Jim Bounds’ Cooperative Motor Works -  Click here.

          The more popular element of this site is the Daily Pose. Jim blogs about a variety of things related to the GMC and the work he and others do refurbishing classic GMCs.

          This site also has a little bit of everything – how to information, coaches for sale, etc. Become a member and get access to all kinds of additional support.  

         The GMC Registry was founded by Dave Greenberg. In May of 2011 responsibility for operation was handed over to John Shotwell.

         The goal is to locate, develop and maintain a historical record and track changes in ownership for the 12,921 GMC Motorhomes built between 1973 and 1978.

         An online registration page exists for new owners to register their TZE-based coach. 

         In recent years many owners have wanted resources to help in promoting their GMCs whether parked at a KOA or at an automotive show.

        The Eastern States website has an area with templates that can be used in proudly promoting your classic coach.

        There’s a table or windshield poster, trifold brochure and a GMCers business card. 



Chapter 8 - Websites Full of GMC MotorHome Information