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Kit uses Pertronix® Ignitor Electronic Ignition - Proven technology - more than 3,000,000 units sold.
30 month limited warranty
Increases fuel economy, and spark plug life.
Epoxy molding makes module impervious to dirt, oil, grease and moisture.
No moving parts.
Stable timing... No need for adjustments.
Kit comes with detailed written instructions plus photos available below to assist installation
Timing - Photos take the guess work out of how to time the Onan
How and where to mount module bracket and drill holes
How to ground module
4KW vs 6KW (same Kit)
Retain points as backup - Change one (1) wire and system is converted back to run on points.

What is needed to install the Kit:                                                                                   Bovee's Electronic Ignition Kit

Multimeter (Ohm/Volt Meter)
1/4", & 3/8" Drill Bits & Drill
3/8", 7/16", 5/8" Sockets, 6" Extension & Ratchet
7/16" End Wrench                                             
File and or Rotary Cutter                                    
J-B Weld Pkg. #8276 (Type that sets in 4-6 minutes)
9 Volt Battery 
Electrical Tape

Installation can be accomplished by anyone with basic mechanical skills and knowledge.

I suggest that the Onan be running before installing the Electronic Ignition Kit.

Special thanks to Ken Henderson, Ken Burton, Jim Miller, Rob Mueller, Mike Miller and others who have posted pics on the net showing how they installed their versions of an electronic ignition installation on an Onan generator. 

What Are GMCers saying who installed the Kit

Lynn C. - Onan runs so smooth.

John N. - After installation Onan purrs like a kitten.  I found the instruction to be very through.

Jonathan R. -  Instructions were great. Probably the most detailed I have ever dealt with or seen, for really simple install.  

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Kit Installation Photos

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